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A youth hockey official in Cromwell, Ct. was arrested and charged with breach of peace and risk of injury to a minor for physically escorting a player off of the ice after issuing a penalty.


Stephen Levins was officiating a game of 13- and 14-year-olds on Saturday when he called a penalty on a player. According to another player, the first player was angry and tried to hit Levins with the puck.

From NBC Connecticut:

"There was a face-off and then the player got made [sic] so he took a shot at the ref's head with the puck," said Tyler Humel of Terryville, who was playing on the opposing team.

Police said Levins then physically escorted the player off the ice, upsetting parents and teammates. Parents tried to climb onto the ice to get to Levins, and concerned spectators called 911.


The Cromwell police wouldn't elaborate on what Levins exactly did, but said that it was more than a regular escort. If you know anything more about the incident, let us know.

[NBC Connecticut]

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