Here's a ridiculous lacrosse fight you might not have seen yet. Somewhere in Canada, youth Lacrosse Team A was getting destroyed by Lacrosse Team B and decided to send the message that it would no longer take Team B's shit.

Eventually the benches cleared, random polo shirt clad people also got involved and possibly the referees, too, I'm not sure. The crowd was whipped into such a frenzy it's tough to keep it all straight. The goalie from the sore losers got involved and pancaked another player wearing much less padding. Another bitchcakes move (also from the same team) happens around the :30 second mark when one player takes off his helmet in anticipation of fighting another de-helmeted player and uses it to throw his first punch.

But, Team A "governor" (whatever, Canada) has a point, there's a right way to win. And it's not piling on against his squad of crybaby sore losers.

"It has been our practice to both win and lose with dignity," [Team A]'s team governor Bruce Clark told the Daily News. "Young men don't like to have lopsided wins or their noses rubbed in it. This is not an excuse. What happened was appalling and a black mark on our game."


All this madness unfolded in front of, like, six people.

Benches-clearing youth indoor lacrosse brawl leads to 15 suspensions [Yahoo]

Update: It's deja vu all over again. Keep moving.