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Youtube Will Probably Never Host A More Dramatic Video Than This

In the course of debating these very bad rankings, my brain instinctively went back to 2004's "Battle At Kruger," eight minutes of breathless, unmatchable animal-kingdom struggle featuring a wounded buffalo calf, a crocodile, a pack of hungry lions, and dozens of courageous and pissed-off Cape buffalo.


It's incredible video—I lack the vocabulary to properly describe it, and I think the English language does too—and it feels important. Almost spiritual, and we're all really privileged to have had it captured on film. I can't even comprehend how it must have felt to see this in person.

Anyway, this is an all-time classic, and even with 75 million Youtube views since being uploaded in 2007, maybe you haven't seen it. Fix that immediately. Don't let the length scare you off. This video's existence is an accomplishment for our planet.

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