Zdeno Chara Drops Cedric Paquette With One Punch

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I went to go look up Cedric Paquette's height and weight, figuring a "Cedric Paquette is tiny. Zdeno Chara is 6'9", 255 pounds. The result when they fought was predictable." lede would be pretty good. Except I learned from Hockey Reference that Cedric Paquette is actually 6'1", 198 pounds: Zdeno Chara is just that goddamn big that he makes an otherwise large human being look like Martin St. Louis.

Anyways, Paquette took exception to Chara boarding his teammate Matt Carle in the third period of tonight's Lightning-Bruins game, so he tried to start something. Chara quickly let him know why that was a poor idea. Why won't people just stop trying to fight Chara?


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