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Zlatan Books Entire Town Square So Fans Can Watch Him Beat Down On His Old Team

Soccer has taken Zlatan Ibrahimović (or is it the other way around?) all around the world. From Paris to Barcelona to Turin to Milan and beyond, Zlatan came, saw, and conquered many of Europe’s greatest cities. Now he’s back where it all started, and he’s making sure the whole city gets a view of The Return.

As it just so happens, the luck of the Champions League draw has taken Zlatan back to Malmö, his first club in his home town, where the world was first exposed to what it meant to Zlatan. So of course, he wanted as many people as possible to witness him destroy what he had a hand in building.


From the moment PSG and Malmö were drawn together, all of Malmö marked on their calendars the day the local deity came back. The first of the clubs’ two matches took place earlier this week in Paris, but the headliner—the game in Malmö—is scheduled for November 25th.

Since there are surely thousands more Swedes who’d like to watch the match live than there are stadium seats, Zlatan had a clever idea. What other way could the whole city take in the spectacle in a communal environment? Well, in the city square, of course!


It would have to be a little strange, watching the team you support face an opposing player you root for even more, but when God Himself picks a side you don’t argue; you just pray and enjoy.


Top photo via AP

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