Will Brett Favre Have To Discuss His Penis Under Oath?

Brett Favre's (alleged!) penis is back in the news and now it's because he doesn't want it shown off. We told you last week about the two former Jets masseuses who, as part of their ongoing lawsuit against Favre alleging sexual harassment and retaliation, tried to get him to admit that photographs published on this… » 9/04/12 12:15pm 9/04/12 12:15pm

Sterger Tears Her Way Through Second Part Of GMA Interview

Jenn Sterger's Good Morning America two-day extravaganza has come to a close, with this abbreviated three-minute clip from today's show. There are tears here, at the memory of her mother's coworker asking "what it was like to have Brett Favre's grandbabies," and there's some strained commentary about the NFL… » 4/13/11 10:50am 4/13/11 10:50am

Jenn Sterger Speaks: Never Met Brett Favre, Never Got Paid, Betrayed…

Sterger appeared on Good Morning America and talked for the first time about Brett Favre and Deadspin and gold-digging and home-wrecking. It's all in the video above.
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Jenn Sterger And Phil Reese And Their Game Of Inches

Jenn Sterger, who's been silent since the whole Favre thing captivated and appalled the nation, recently filed a suit against her "manager," Phil Reese, claiming he plans to use some of the additional raunchy photos, texts, and voicemails to move forward with a book about the "Favre Story" that Sterger no longer wants… » 3/16/11 7:00pm 3/16/11 7:00pm

Masseuse Claims She Received Lewd Texts From Vikings Players,…

Brett Favre's come-ons to massage therapists weren't limited to the two women with the New York Jets. Stephanie Dusenberry, an independent masseuse in Eden Prairie, Minn., who has worked with a number of Vikings players, claims that Favre sent her innuendo-laden text messages last September. She contacted the police… » 1/18/11 2:55pm 1/18/11 2:55pm

Brett Favre Sued For Sexual Harassment

Two team massage therapists—yeah, these two—have sued Favre and the Jets for sexual harassment. The women claim he propositioned them via text message (for a threesome), and weren't re-hired by the Jets after they complained. And here we go. » 1/03/11 5:50pm 1/03/11 5:50pm

On Brett Favre's $50k Fine, Jenn Sterger's Reputation, And Roger…

This is not surprising. Goodell made his ruling and now everyone will return to terrible normalcy. Here's a rundown of the NFL's statement with additional commentary to help you understand what the hell just happened. » 12/29/10 4:05pm 12/29/10 4:05pm

Peter King Moves The Goalposts On The NFL's Favre Investigation

"[W]hat seems logical to me," Peter King thinks he thinks, "is the league was not able to connect the sordid cell-phone photos from Favre to Sterger beyond the shadow of a doubt." The NFL leads the league in evidentiary burden! » 12/06/10 5:45pm 12/06/10 5:45pm