20 Years Ago Today, Sparky Anderson Said No To Scab Players

After calling off the 1994 World Series because of a work stoppage, and failing to reach an agreement over the winter, MLB owners were determined not to lose another season of profits—even if they had to bring in the strikebreakers. A handful of managers, and even one owner, spoke out against the use of replacement… »2/17/15 5:07pm2/17/15 5:07pm

No, The City Of Detroit Will Not Lose $84 Million If The NHL Season Is Canceled

The lockout has officially arrived when newspapers start reporting half-baked economic impact projections that are so far removed from reality as to be laughable. You know the sort. "Team X brings in so much money, without them the city would go broke and revert to feudalism OMG." These studies are usually trotted out… »9/26/12 11:15am9/26/12 11:15am