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12-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Runs Half-Marathon

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Last night I “accidentally” forgot to go to the gym and ordered Domino’s instead.


This week’s Person Who Makes You Feel Worse About Your Life Choices is 12-year-old LeeAdianez Rodriguez. The sixth grader just wanted to run a 5K in Rochester, N.Y., on Sunday, but she got a little confused. She got to the starting line a bit later than she expected, saw a bunch of people with bib numbers start running, and assumed it was time to go.

Rodriguez had accidentally joined the half-marathon, which started from the same place as the 5K, only 15 minutes earlier.

Her mother, who had gone to park the car after dropping her off, panicked a bit when her daughter didn’t come across the 5K finish line. In the meantime Rodriguez had realized her mistake, but figured why the heck not?

“She just wanted to finish the race,” Espada said. “Two hours after I started looking for her, I see that one of the officers found her. And I see she has a medal.”

Rodriguez finished in 2:43:31, pretty great for a 12-year-old who’d never completed anywhere near that distance and was pacing herself for a run four times shorter. And things worked out better for her than they did for Boogie.

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