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OK, probably time for a Jason Grimsley update.

First off, in the biggest news of the day, trainer Chris Mihlfeld has denied our source's report that his name is in the document. (In multiple places.)

"I just don't want my name to be part of this," Mihlfeld said. "It's not fair to me. It's not fair to my family. It's not fair to the other players I work with. It's not fair to the kids I work with ... They've got the wrong name on that deal.

"I know Jason Grimsley very well. And I have only two statements to make. One, Jason Grimsley is still my good friend. And two, I've never been involved in any illegal steroids, amphetamines or HGH activity. Period."

Mihlfeld also said Jason Grimsley's lawyer told him he wasn't in the affidavit either. Our source stands behind his/her story, so we have no choice but to do so ourselves. After our report yesterday, there's all kinds of business blowing up out there. The Boston Herald has dragged the tortured soul of Chuck Knoblauch into this. Meanwhile, someone dug up an invite Mihlfeld sent out about the opening of his training faciity. (Thanks to The Sports Frog on this one.) To quote:

We also have more important dates to announce Mike Sweeney from the K.C. Royals will be there on Jan 14th 06 to do a camp with Chris Mihlfeld. Also Albert Pujols will be back in early Feb for a hitting clinic, and Jason Grimsley will be there at the end of January for pitching clinics.

By the way, we feel obliged to — once again — clarify our initial report. A few facts:


• There is no claim that Albert Pujols has taken HGH.
• There is no claim that Mihlfeld was in any way a distributor of HGH, or steroids.
• There is a source — whose confidence has always been rated at "80 percent" — who says Mihlfeld's name is in the report. Mihlfeld has denied this, and we, as always, hope he's right. As anyone who has ever read this site knows, Albert Pujols is our favorite player. We own four different pieces of merchandise with his name on it. We are out to get no one, least of all him.

Regardless of Mihlfeld's name in the report, the connection of Grimsley to Mihlfeld and Mihlfeld to Pujols is now officially established. When you read the full report, and read the full breadth of Grimsley's steroid/HGH/amphetamine abuse, the man who trained him back from a brutal Tommy John surgery is sure to remain under suspicion, fairly or otherwise.

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(Photo from Kansas City Star.)