There were the usual complaints: She's blowing her whistle too suggestively, the shorts show too much skin and yet not enough skin, why can I see her panty-line, she should wear a thong, the ref stripes make it impossible to see whether she'd look good topless, you know, the same old sturm und drang that Ed Hochuli puts up with every old day of the week. The barrier-buster this week is Sarah Thomas.

Thomas already made history by becoming the first woman to ref a major college football game—Memphis v. Jacksonville State—last fall. Of course that stretches the definition of "game" quite a bit. Even still Thomas has acquitted herself as a solid referee and some of the ladies around this here blogosphere are starting to ask why a woman can run for President but can't ref a professional football game. Which is all well and good but we're talking about something that actually matters here, not just some stupid Presidency. (Insert witty boobies getting in the way of the whistle comment here. Exchange high five with Ben Wright).


Will Sarah Thomas become the first woman NFL ref? Time will tell. Until then, this whole women's liberation thing is starting to catch fire. Next thing you know, they'll want to be able to inherit property. (Rolls eyes).

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