The Jets golden boy quarterback is pretty nifty with the football, but did you know that he is also considered to be physically attractive? You do now, thanks to this hard hitting investigative report, "Mark Sanchez: Hot or Not?"

CBS 2 (HD!) reporter Hazel Sanchez—that's not her real name, she just writes it all over her notebooks—went out on the street to get the female perspective on the dreamy QB. The verdict: women love him, men want to be him, and though he may not be the newest ride at the park, he's got the longest line.

"His body, his hair, his face …" one woman swooned to CBS 2 HD before nearly needing to be resuscitated.

"That No. 6 … he is so sexy. Oh my God!" added Nagee Bowe.

"He's pretty hot. I think I'd watch football, basketball, hockey, ice skating, if he was in it," said Amber Chapman of Washington Heights.

"Oh that butt. I can't miss it," one woman said.

"He looks like JFK Jr. I think he's good looking," Jill Schneider said.

"He's like stunning!" another woman said.

Sure, if you're into "conventional" good looks. But does Sanchez love them back?

When asked if he feels there's the potential for distraction, Sanchez quipped, "Maybe in the city but I'm in Jersey."

Ouch. Sorry, Jersey Girls. I guess you're stuck with these guys. But it's like Henry Kissinger said, "Poise is the ultimate aphrodisiac."

No Denying Big Apple Buzz Surrounds 'The Sanchise' [CBS]