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A 10-Year-Old Boy Is No Longer A WWE Tag Team Champion

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One of the best moments of Sunday’s long WrestleMania was the Raw tag team championship match. Braun Strowman, the monster who’s been terrorizing WWE in an incredibly entertaining fashion for about a year now, picked a random (“random”) child out of the stands as his partner for the tag team title match at WrestleMania. (The child is actually WWE ref John Cone’s son.)


And they won! Strowman and Nicholas, a 10-year-old boy, defeated The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) for the tag belts. Whether you liked this or not depends on how much silliness you’re willing to tolerate in your professional wrestling. (As stated on Twitter, Cesaro used to wrestle in Chikara, so this sort of thing is right up his alley.) Regardless of your feelings about this, at the very least it was clever, a surprise, and a memorable moment.

Sadly, we won’t get to see Strowman pull kids out of the crowd every week to help him defend the tag team titles. In a backstage segment last night, Strowman and Nicholas interrupted Raw GM and excellent actor Kurt Angle to relinquish the belts.

“Nicholas has a scheduling conflict,” Strowman says. “I mean, he’s still in the fourth grade.”

Strowman vows Nicholas and he will return as a tag team when he’s finished with school, so there’s already a match on the docket for 2029 or so.

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