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So, progress has been limited thus far. I've put in the call to both Justine Gilman and Lori Nelson (advisor and "coach", respectively) of the fabled Song Girls but I am not expecting a message return. However, the man answering the phones at the USC advisory office did say he was not aware of the incident and that "he was too busy watching the game to notice." Homo.

Anyway, Awful Announcing is doing his own CSI work and is "99% sure" that it's Megan's prim posterior and has extracted his conclusion based mostly on Megan's somewhat proncouned shnozzola. Meanwhile, Scott Olin Schmidt at USC Fanhouse is saying that it's neither Megan, nor Alli, but rather ....Allison.


With so much speculation surrounding this poor girl's gumper, I'm expecting USC will have to hold a press conference to reveal the girl's identity in the next couple days. And what a glorious day that will be.

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