Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fight: "Big fight (Brawl) San Antonio Ibiza [Pelea de guiris]." Tonight's commentator: the return of Cory Kastle, a pro wrestler exploring his comedic chops during an extended hiatus from the ring on account of his suffering an AVM.

Kastle's reaction:

Just seeing the way some of these folks were dressed right at the start of this video was making me hope it was Halloween or some other costume-themed gathering.

Like a poolside Eyes Wide Shut?

When the spikey hair, jean shorts, wifebeater (tank top undershirt) dude threw and missed the first attempt at a punch, he was immediately slapped by the guy in the long jeans and the black shirt (who automatically started bouncing back and forth swinging his arms). I took it the big bald guy who ran in to apply a sleeper hold was the bouncer (who must not see a lot of action on the job, based off the clientele being men in neon green booty shorts and swimmies).


Seriously. They're wearing swimmies.

At the 27 second mark the guy who originally pushed and smacked the wifebeater guy, smacked some chick. As bad as it may sound I want to once again blame this on 1. these are VERY WEIRD foreigners ...

'Merica rules!

2. alcohol...

As does booze.

3. wearing wifebeaters out in public ...

Yeah, that's a reasonable theory.

and 4. Jersey Shore. This video was like a foreign, gay version of that show without the annoying music and main characters.


A bit of a stretch, sure, but it does make one wonder how a gay Sitch would answer the F, M, K query with the pertinent housemates.

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