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Aaron Donald Took Out Another Quarterback

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For the second time this season, Aaron Donald’s habit of playing like the greatest defensive player of this generation has come at the cost of another team’s starting quarterback. Early in the third quarter on a third-and-10, Donald absolutely mugged Matt Ryan for a strip-sack. While doing so, he landed right on Ryan’s leg, which caused the quarterback to have some trouble getting up. The Falcon was taken back to the locker room and was ruled out for the game, leaving Matt Schaub to carry Atlanta past the finish line of their latest loss.

Donald obviously isn’t on some Predator-like manhunt to collect quarterback injuries like trophies. Still, both Ryan’s and Drew Brees’s injuries came as a result of last year’s Defensive Player of the Year doing what he does best: stomping his way to the backfield and doing whatever it takes to get his team the ball.

Up next for Los Angeles is Andy Dalton and the hapless Cincinnati Bengals. Normally, I’d tell Bengals fans to be concerned for their signal caller, but considering how the season has gone so far, telling them that Donald is out to get their quarterback might be something they welcome with open arms.

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