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Albert Pujols Finally Hits Home Run, Is The Nicest Human Being In The World

It was bound to happen and it could not have happened to a better player human being. One day after Mike Scioscia sat the struggling first baseman, Pujols came back and knocked one out of the park-his first of the year. It was just the kind of classy and professional move expected of a player of Albert's caliber and lesser players could only hope to imitate. For his effort, the home crowd rewarded him with a "thunderous standing ovation while he rounded the bases." Pujols did not take a curtain call however because he knew it would be inappropriate. Another classy move.

Ever the the humble and respectful non-douchebag, Pujols gave all the credit to his manager:

"If I hit a home run today,'' Pujols told USA TODAY Sports before the game, "I'll make Mike Scioscia look like a genius.''


Another great thing about Pujols is that he is involved in charities and stuff. Not many ballplayers are as stand-up as him because of that. Perhaps the best part of his home run, however, was that he did not show off a stupid hairdo. That would have ruined everything.

Albert Pujols ends home run drought in fifth inning [USA Today]

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