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Alcides Escobar Really Threw The Dick Off The Ball Yesterday

During yesterday’s rain delay at the scheduled Angels-Red Sox game, ESPN threw to a live version of SportsCenter, which is always fun for the chaos a live, highly produced news show always produces. But instead of bad jokes and dead air, the show was basically just a bunch of Alcides Escobar highlights. So let’s look at all the good throws Alcides made.


Like this one, where he picked the ball up off of the ground.


Or this one with him going to his left. MLB won’t make it embeddable even though we asked, so I drew a picture.


This one, where he just kind of stood there and then spun around.


On this one he went right instead of left.

These are the kind of plays out there that our company softball team should consider making, for once.



Top photo via Getty; drawing by me, Kyle Wagner

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