Also, We're Pretty Sure That's A Facemask Penalty

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Welcome to Brawlgate, Day 4, as fallout continues from Saturday's melee between the Hurricanes and Golden Panthers. The Atlantic Coast and Sun Belt Conferences handed out 31 one-game suspensions late Sunday — 18 for Florida International, 13 for Miami — but, as they say, a new wind was about to blow. At Miami on Monday, Anthony Reddick's one-game suspension (for wielding his helmet, Braveheart style, into a bunch of FIU noggins) was increased to an indefinite suspension by the school.

Meanwhile, over at FIU, Chris Smith (tackled and punched Miami holder Matt Perrelli) and Marshall McDuffie Jr. (kicked Perrelli in the head) were both thrown off the team by their school (they get to keep their scholarships). In addition, FIU upgraded 16 of their one-game suspensions to indefinite suspensions. And further sanctions could be issued by Miami administrators as well. If all of this sounds a bit double-secret-probationish to you, you're not alone. What is an indeifnite suspension? Depends on how long it takes for the public outrage to subside, we suppose.


No word yet on Ned and his Crutches of Destruction.

Miami head coach Larry Coker (who regained his senses on Sunday and finally began being contrite) and his FIU counterpart, Don Strock (just, you know, kind of clueless), appear to be in no danger of being fired. But broadcaster Lamar Thomas, the former Hurricanes wide reciever and television "color analyst" who enjoyed the fight just a little too much, was officially canned on Monday by Comcast Sports Southeast. The network has edited out his comments from the broadcast, and we're pretty sure they also burned his house, hauled off the debris and salted the earth where it stood. So, that's three bodies so far. Are you not entertained?


In most cases like these, however, it's really the children who suffer. Witness the "Join a Team, Not a Gang" page on the Hurricanes athletic site, which a reader pointed us to today. Let's just say it's ironic, in the worst sense of that word. The post includes the chilling caption: "The Miami Dade Police Department will bring about 700 children to the Miami vs. FIU football game as part of the program." Oops.

"So you see kid, when they come to the OB talkin' noise from across the ocean over there, don't forget to stop by the sideline and get an extra helmet. One for wearing, and one for swinging. Get it?"

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