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Weird shit seems to happen all the time in the lower rungs of MMA. There was the guy who did a front flip off his opponent’s lifeless body, the guy who barfed all over the cage for no good reason, and the other guy who crapped a bunch in the cage (this one at least is not unique to regional MMA). This past weekend, British amateur Jack Culshaw joined their hallowed ranks.

After Culshaw knocked out Zak Edwards at Almighty Fighting Championships 10 in England, he leapt onto the cage. He was riding high, but when he dismounted, he appeared to seriously twist his right knee.

Culshaw spoke to MMA Fighting, and it seems he may have actually injured both knees.

I went and had an X-ray and there are no bones broken, but do you know the patella, the knee cap? That’s been twisted around and they think my ACL is blown. We’ll have to wait and see, but they have to look at my other leg too, the left leg, they said that knee could go as well. So when they’re done with the rehab on my right leg, they’re going to have to do my left leg as well.


At least Culshaw seems to be enjoying all the attention.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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