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An Actor Explains Just How Bizarre Bob Kraft's Casting Video Was

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We asked you last night for information about the bizarre audition tape Bob Kraft made with his girlfriend, Ricki Noel Lander. This morning, a reader (no, not Jon Hamm) wrote in to give us some sense about how audition tapes work in Hollywood:

Don't know ANYTHING about this video at all, but know, as an actor who has gone on tape for thousands of auditions, that the reader NEVER is on camera... EVER... EVER.

So, she probably thought it would help her case to have Bob Kraft on screen with her... Little did she know, that was the WORST thing possible, turning a bad audition into an online catastrophe.

The bigger scoop is how fucked the casting office is going to be... Whoever reps this girl is going to be SO FUCKING PISSED that her client is out there in this way, and it's the casting directors responsibility to take care of all the audition tapes..

Also, people are giving her shit about wearing a bikini, but dressing similarly to the role you're auditioning for is pretty commonplace, especially for the poor women going out for "stripper with heart of gold" parts.


In a statement today to Pro Football Talk, Kraft said, "I never intended that it would be made public and I regret that it has."

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