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Australian Rules Football Finds Its Visanthe Shiancoe

How are Australian and American football different? Down Under, the ball is larger, the field is round, and the players don't wear helmets. Any similarities? Well, on both continents, footballers have no problem showing their wang on live TV.

Tim Orchard, who plays in Tasmania's State League, has reportedly been suspended after whipping out his bits in front of a live TV audience. Orchard found himself in the background of a locker room interview with his teammate, when he figured, "Maybe the folks at home would like to see my wiener?" and the rest is history. Of course, unlike Minnesota's Visanthe Shiancoewho simply suffered a towel malfunction before a post-game shower—Orchard was fully clothed. So he was willing to go that extra mile to make sure that the world got a glimpse of his junk. Hopefully, he will bring that determination to his upcoming "professional counseling."


The images are all censored so no word on whether Australian Rules players also eschew padding down there.

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