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I think the idea here is that the height differences don’t necessarily reflect the fact that they wore shoes before but didn’t wear them this time, so much as they reflect the fact that the previous official height listings were bullshit. What I am saying is, I think these ones also are bullshit.

This is actually a pretty common thing among very tall NBA players, and one that has been written about in WaPo and elsewhere. Durant doesn’t want to be a seven footer, and neither did Kevin Garnett and several others. Broadly, seems like the story is that they’re people who felt insecure about being taller than Read more

I think you may be missing the point, just a bit? The staff of this site have made our stance with respect to the management of this company abundantly, conspicuously clear. We’ve practically shouted it from the rooftop. That we happened to articulate our criticisms before the shuttering of Splinter doesn’t seem like Read more

I think this defense is broadly right—but it still amounts to LeBron saying that the sensitivities of one of the world’s most brutal and repressive regimes should set boundaries on what people in the NBA say in public. Which is fuckin’ gross!

This is stupid. If you’re claiming that you’ve never in your life told anyone anything you would feel uncomfortable later finding in the pages of a tabloid, you’re a liar.

So far as I know, nobody is claiming that what has happened here is a breach in Instagram security. She set privacy settings that worked in and of themselves—her messages went only to the people she’d permitted inside the group—except that one of the people she trusted turned out not to be trustworthy. That’s a Read more

Eh, posting things to a locked, private social media account restricted to trusted friends and family is not meaningfully different from sending an email to a private mailing list, or just talking to a group of close associates around a dinner table. It’s fine to expect those people to keep what they hear private, and Read more

I agree with you (and Scocca) and I think it’s important to continue hammering the point that the NBA absolutely can and should pull out of China. But I also think it’s instructive to understand why it likely won’t: Because Silver, for all that he poses himself as the benign neoliberal CEO of the league, is actually Read more

The answer to this and other questions may be found in the article you just skipped past so you could fire off this dumb comment.

That’s a joke, buddy. It was written by Drew Magary.

You can acknowledge, rightly, that listing it as a line-item instead of just integrating it into the food prices is a nasty way for restaurant owners to turn their customers against their own employees. Read more

One imagines that some athletes might factor the ability to get paid for their work into decisions they make about where to play sports!

Good question! Do we have any readers who followed this case very closely and can speak to why it was formulated this way?

Yeah, Stanford and USC joined the University of California system in opposing the bill, presumably because of exactly the risk you described.

Yes, dammit, you’re right. I haven’t had enough coffee yet.

It got greyed because you are not permitted to use Deadspin as the publishing medium for airing your bitchy gripes about the people who work here. Sorry if you had the idea that shit was gonna fly, but it isn’t.

We’re not doing this here.

We’re not doing this here.

We’re not doing this here.

The grays are not a reserved space. Gray is the default state for all commenters, except for a relatively small number who have earned the trust implied by having their comments appear in black and not hidden behind a button. It’s a difficult status to acquire and an extremely easy status to lose, and it should be.