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Bill Walton did the same shit. He’s actually 7-2 or 7-3 but he always listed his playing height as 6-11 because he thinks 7 footers are considered freaks. Here’s a picture of him with 7 footer Robert Parish.......

Sure, your point stands, but it stands no where near as tall as you think it does. How many among the Deadspin staff have the stature or power, in the field of journalism, that Lebron James has? A key point in an attempt to build an equivalency is to do so honestly. To reduce James to merely a “huge black American” is Read more

Albert I love your writing as well. Hope you’re not looking at me like a troll here, but I disagree that I’m missing the point. Part of this could be because I only have 2nd or 3rd hand information, so I’m at least partially talking out of my shiny metal ass. Read more

Completely apart from the moral principles of the situation, I really think Silver needs to double down and tell the Chinese to go fuck themselves. The NBA is obviously the best professional basketball league in the world, and by an enormous margin. Silver has real leverage because he has a monopoly on the product Read more

We affirm our commitment to being noncommital.

It’ll be interesting to see how Silver’s stance evolves; in his response to the cancellation of NBA games on CCTV, while Silver once again affirmed “freedom of speech of that asshole Morey who’s ruining everything for our wallets,” he also added, “there are consequences from his freedom of speech and we will have to Read more

We have seen how basketball can be an important form of people-to-people exchange that deepens ties between the United States and China. Read more

Maybe he should have disguised it as a United States Treasury bond. Read more

This description really undersells how bad Hader was. He still should’ve gotten out of it, if not for Zimmerman’s bloop falling in between everybody, but had no command and earned those runs.

Bill Buckner, God rest his soul, cringed at that error.

“Players should be able to make money through the Free Market, just not by selling any product or providing any service”

We should keep pushing him on this to see what happens when he realizes that this devious conflict of interest impacts literally every type of transaction. 

Endorsements help educate consumers, and sham endorsements short circuit that process. For example, I was once a State Farm customer, because family is important to me and it came through how important family was to the Paul twins (Chris and Cliff). But I switched to Nationwide because I value creativity, and the Read more

I haven’t followed this particular case really close, but I write about Ca. employment law and it’s very common for the lege to give a bunch of lead time for a bill to take effect — especially ones like this that are sure to cause a shitstorm. Look aty the $15 minimum wage — it was passed in 2016, but doesn’t take full Read more

So LeBron IS better than Jordan

This list shows that LaMelo Ball really should be seriously considered as a #1 pick. He’d be a top-30 player from day 1, possibly even sneaking into the top 20.

This is the edge I needed to finally win my fantasy basketball league. I’ll let you know how my draft turns out.

James Harden deep in the process of changing his name to Aaron A Aaronson

It’s going to deliver your Amazon crap, round house kick your head off and hat dance on your body.