Luis Paez-Pumar
Staff Writer at Deadspin
Oct 24 2019

I suggested Iron Maiden, which was dubbed too metal-y. Metallica kinda fits in the same vein for most of their good stuff. 

Oct 24 2019

I thought it was pretty good, but I think both are capable of a better match, especially together. I look forward to seeing Rhea in NXT proper for good, though; she rules.

Oct 24 2019

You are right about the Universal Champion part; I honestly forgot since his reign was all of 24 hours.

Oct 18 2019

I don’t want to dive too deeply into this, but Espanyol fans have, historically, been pro-Spain and anti-independence, while Barcelona fans have been the opposite.

Oct 8 2019

Fair complaint! Caught it shortly after publishing, but can’t beat the comments. It’s been fixed.

Sep 26 2019

No one represents the San Jose Earthquakes better than striker Chris Wondolowski, who decided to serve his red-card suspension on Wednesday night by embedding himself in the Earthquakes supporters section and generally acting like a lunatic.

Sep 25 2019

These fan clubs are overwhelmingly anti-fascist, but your statement isn’t wrong otherwise. There are strong movements both fascist and anti-fascist in European soccer. Take a look at St. Pauli for a good example of the latter.

Sep 11 2019

I don’t disagree, but it was all undone with the post-match stuff with Owens in my opinion. Owens just looks like a massive goober in a way he hasn’t in some time.

Sep 11 2019

Yeah, I wouldn’t use the Invasion angle as a point in Shane’s favor haha.

Sep 4 2019

They are locked in until February, where they can set a new roster for the knockout rounds. I believe if someone gets injured, it’s tough shit, but if it’s one of the required two goalkeepers that gets injured for longer than 30 days, they can temporarily replace him. 

Aug 30 2019

JV basketball, 9th grade. I’m tall but was pretty awful at everything related to playing offense. I could defend, rebound, outlet, but as soon as I got the ball in the half-court, I looked to pass or shoot wide open jumpers (I do not have a good jumper). Read more

Aug 28 2019

The Premier League and the Championship see their windows close before the season. League One and League Two have until September 2nd. 

Aug 23 2019

Sure, but sports have a decades- or centuries-long head-start on building an audience.