Baltimore Batman Strikes Again, As The Original Idiot On The Field Invades Sunday Night Football [UPDATE]

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The Baltimore Batman, whose antics at Camden Yards inspired our Idiot On The Field series, struck again Sunday night during the Ravens-Patriots game, evading M & T Bank Stadium security for close to a minute and racking up more fantasy points than Chris Johnson has all season.


While last week's Idiot On The Field in Jacksonville racked up big yardage by being ignored by security, you can see in the above "official" video that Baltimore Batman had his fair share of pursuers. He did this all while bearing an anti-bullying message upon his body—one that appears to have gained a few pounds since his streaking at the Orioles' Opening Day.


NBC claimed they wouldn't show the episode, but they ignore the glory of HD. Here's a zoom in with an arrow showing exactly where he went and how he avoided security:


We applaud his message and hope he's willing to enter the beltway for winter sports; we'd find a man wearing just underwear and a cape skidding across the Verizon Center ice a hoot.