Image: Instagram (criscrakk)

Oakland A’s fan John Spencer had a rough night on Wednesday, when he saw his team get clobbered in the wild card game by the Yankees and then had beer poured all over him. His sad plight was captured on video, and it reverberated with a nation now wearily accepting the prospect of yet another Yankees run in the playoffs.

But then something magical happened. Most instances of viral asshole behavior from bad fans come and go without context or second acts. In this case, Spencer was quickly identified as an Oakland native who now lives in New York.

Not only did he get some free shit for his troubles, but he wound up hooking up with the beer tosser and partying last night in Brooklyn.


The trio even recorded a skit where Spencer enacted his revenge.


They appeared to have had a great night, and there are plenty of videos.


The Yankees still suck, but I kind of hope they beat the Red Sox now.