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A few of you had pointed this out, and since it makes a nice contrast with the Elisha Cuthbert blogging for item: Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist (and, as we'll always know him, "Needles" from the "Back to the Future" films) is now doing a blog for We were never quite down with the Red Hot Chili Peppers — they always seemed like what would happen if you introduced frat guys to heroin — but, hey, it's Flea, that's cool, we like Flea, sure.


The blog itself is rather crazy, though; imagine Rosie O'Donnell's poetry blog except with some references to Andrew Bynum thrown in. Yep, Flea's a Laker fan:

so the lakers lose again tonight, giving the bulls their first road
victory in 5 tries this season
it was a pathetic display of poor basketball playing
the thing to me that is so striking is their utter inability to have any offensive cohesiveness
yes kobe shot about 3 million times and the scoring attack is unbalanced and predictable
but i don't know what else he is supposed to do


We strongly support this Celebrities Doing Sports Blogs For Major Professional Sports Leagues idea; we're still waiting for Justin Timberlake waxing freestyle-like on J.J. Reddick, or maybe Nelly giving us the dope on So Taguchi. Keep 'em comin.

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(By the way, how great is that picture?)

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