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Bob Kraft's Girlfriend Didn't Get The Part In That Movie, Despite Her Weird Bikini Audition

It's important to remind everyone that Ricki Lander's audition for The Internship did not require a bikini, nor playing off a 71-year-old man, but she thought it would better her chances to include both. All for naught, as the part of Marielena went to someone else, an actual professional actress.

Too bad for Lander, as the role of the dance instructor/stripper in the Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson comedy would have been her first named role—she's thus far been cast in such parts as "flight attendant," "servant faerie," and "iBabe."


We'd love to show you Lander's and Kraft's audition again, but we got a fun takedown notice from Twentieth Century Fox. So instead, the abbreviated highlights.


[Deadline, via the Boston Herald]

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