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Well, this is disturbing: The Cox Arena in San Diego has has been evacuated after a "suspicious package" was found. This comes just a week after the FBI alerted the NCAA for possible terrorist activity during the games.

A bomb-sniffing dog noticed something in a hot dog cart," Beresford said. "They got a hit on something that was in the cart itself.

The teams had not yet arrived to the arena, but it's currently empty; Alabama and Marquette were schedule to tip off in about an hour; that's not likely to happen now. More updates in the live blog.


Cox Evacuated After Bomb Scare [Reuters]

(UPDATE: Looks like all the games are going to start two hours late — at least, considering the teams are still back at their hotels. So adjust accordingly.)

(SECOND UPDATE: We're not so sure two hours is gonna do it. They still haven't let the fans in the arena, and the game was supposed to start 10 minutes ago. Any Washington and/or Utah State fans who don't currently live on the West Coast have a very late night ahead of them.)


(THIRD UPDATE: They've reopened the Arena. Game starting just an hour late. That's not so bad.)