Bucks Fans Purchase Billboard Urging Team To Tank

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Remember this: for how awful and dumb the Knicks were last night, they were still better than the Bucks. There's not a lot of short-term hope in Milwaukee, so some concerned fans have paid for a billboard that would seem to emphasize lottery balls over basketballs.

The folks at SaveOurBucks.com wouldn't call it "tanking." They've got a multi-part plan for the Bucks to return to competitiveness and stay in Milwaukee, and it involves front office moves and fan support. But the key is to eschew the Bucks' usual strategy of band-aid acquisitions in favor of trading away veterans, letting young players get minutes, and lose their way into a top pick in next year's stacked draft. So: tanking.


The billboard went up today at I-43 and McKinley. There will be a billboard launch party on Monday, with the cover charge going to a local charity.