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But No, Seriously, What The Hell Are The Lakers Doing?

On Wednesday, we took a very brief look at how the Lakers are actively sabotaging themselves. Last night, they lost 119-86 to the Jazz, who suck, and furthered some of their deliberate bad tendencies. A couple new humiliating charts came across Twitter since our first post, so why not throw it in reverse and back over the roadkill, just to be sure?

The chart above is from John Schuhmann, showing the shot charts of the last two preseason games—games in which the Lakers have somehow not hit a single three. They're grim:


So that's bad. According to CBS's Zach Harper, the last time a team went two straight games without hitting a three was the 76ers in 2008; it's happened just three times in the last 10 years.

On the other end, L.A. is still fouling like crazy (30 fouls last night, to Utah's 23), thought at least it kept free throws close this game, shooting 31 versus 29 for the Jazz. That's not going to nudge them out of the bad half of this chart, though:


Meanwhile, Steve Nash hurt his back carrying some bags around. The Lakers are dead.

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