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BYU Players Star In Worst Abercrombie Catalog Ever

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What is going on with our college football teams this year? Do they just have way too much free time in the summer? It's true that this is not an officially sanctioned team photo—I'm not sure what it is exactly—but BYU quarterback Max Hall, tight end Dennis Pitta and (former) receiver Austin Collie are certainly not helping college football players overcome their growing reputation for turning into wannabe male models. This season really needs to start soon.


Boy, they sure do love being casual though! Think how much fun you could have, if only you had comfortable slacks like these fellas. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go jump in a pool.

When football is fifth on your list...well, this happens [Block U]
[PHOTO: Matt Clayton Photography]

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It's Wednesday. The donuts are here.

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