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It Has Been The Most Fabulous Offseason Ever

First it was the UT Lamborghini. Then GaTech and the Transformers. Did the NCAA send out a memo requiring teams to make their preseason publicity photos as macho-in-the-Village-People-sense as possible?


Virginia Tech appears to have eschewed typical action photos for some glamour shots they took at a Blacksburg Kohl's. Because nothing says intimidation like a mid-air freeze frame reminiscent of Mary Tyler Moore, or your defense posing like 15-year-old girls watching Twilight at a slumber party.

But lest you think this demasculinization is endemic to the ACC and SEC, here's video of USC's first team meeting, where the room (spontaneously, I hope) breaks out into a rendition of "Lean On Me." With bonus Pete Carroll as the piano man!

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