Cam Newton's Twitter account was hacked, which isn't surprising since Cam Newton has a history of struggling with technology. The interesting part was that just when you thought the hack was over, the tweets continued. What a twist.

Some of the original tweets:

The Panthers were forced to clarify that Newton, the most-sacked quarterback in the league this season, and one who's been left with no decent receivers save Kelvin Benjamin, did not actually want to be released:


About an hour later, Newton was back:

Or was he? Either the hacker had pretended to be the real Newton, or someone else got to it, because the Panthers had to tell everyone, again, that we should ignore the account.


And then "Cam Newton" tweeted this:


Maybe it was the real Cam Newton all along.

The account also tweeted about video games and this:


The final hacked message—before Twitter suspended the account—was a jab at the Raiders:

It was fun while it lasted.

Photo: AP