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Can Baseball Come Up With An Injury-Proof Celebration?

Last Thursday, Jeff Baker of the Texas Rangers suffered the latest stupid baseball injury, after he sprained his thumb while high-fiving a teammate.

This is certainly not the first celebration-related injury of baseball, though. Aubrey Huff, Ramon Ramirez and Kendrys Morales have all hurt themselves in various ways on account of being happy. Although Baker's sprained thumb might be blamed on an overzealous teammate, it's still really dumb.


Obviously, these injuries are rare, but they still happen. Are there any celebrations for baseball players that come with absolutely no risk of injury? Let's brainstorm:

-Wiggling your eyebrows



-Giving your teammate a non-aggressive thumbs-up

-Sending positive thoughts

-Connecting with your teammate on LinkedIn

-Saying "Nice job" at an appropriate decibel level

-Sending a letter of congratulations

Alright, those are all the options we came up with. Play ball!

[Big League Stew]

Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

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