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Carl Monday has been CLEVELAND'S INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER for decades, but only recently has he earned himself officially Interwebs Superstar status. (Which is probably why he was beaten on the Eddie Griffin story.) It seems that Monday is less than comfortable with his new notoriety.

This thing has really, like I said, taken on a life of its own. I mean, they're selling t-shirts on the Internet, "Carl Monday Caught Me Masturbating," and cartoon strips, and it's been on every blog and Web site ... We certainly like our stories to be seen and heard, but we never thought it would get that kind of exposure. It's been on MSNBC, it's been everywhere.

Monday, who appears to have done some actual good work in his investigative reporting assignments not involved haranging masturbating dorks, defended his work but admitted perhaps some aspects of the segment could have been more clear. And, so you know: His real name is not Carl Monday. As if any of you thought otherwise.

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