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So I was mocked repeatedly for my "interview" with Charles Barkley on Thursday, when I introduced myself and told him that I would be blogging his rounds all weekend. Yes, it somewhat resembled Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney. But I'll have you know that from that brief exchange came the catchphrase of the tournament. The next day, Barkley told NBC during a TV interview: "My game is like a blog."


What hell did he mean? The answer remained shrouded in mystery all day Friday and Saturday, as researchers feverishly searched for clues. But on Sunday, after Barkley had concluded his final round (he finished in last place), I was able to ask him.

ME: "What did you mean by 'My game is like a blog?'

BARKLEY: "When I talked with you on Thursday, and you said your were blogging my rounds, I didn't know what that was. What's a 'blog?' It sounds awful."

(Note: Barkley is not kidding here.)

BARKLEY: "So when they asked me on television how to describe my golf game, I told them 'My game is like a blog.' Because I don't know what a blog is, but it don't sound good."


And he still doesn't know. And I'd appreciate it if nobody tells him.

I also staked out Harrah's on Friday and Saturday nights, and I'm here to report that Barkley did not approach the gaming tables even once. He did, however, camp out at one of the bars and buy shots for the house for three hours straight each night. Beverage of choice? Patron Tequila.


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