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Chip Kelly Will Coach The 49ers

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Former Eagles coach Chip Kelly will not be going back to college. San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York announced that Kelly would be the team’s new head coach.

The two make a weird pairing. Kelly, who acquired personnel control in Philadelphia before the season that led to his ousting, will answer to York, a man so petty that he’d torpedo his team and hire a B-movie gaffer after engaging in a pissing contest with his former head coach. The personalities seem like they’d clash. Who’s giving up power in this relationship?


There’s the allure of Kelly possibly coaching Colin Kaepernick, and Carlos Hyde is an appealing running back, but the 49ers lack respectable starters at a number of spots. This is still a step up from this past season, however. As entertaining as Tomsula was, it was painfully evident that he was underqualified for the position. With Kelly, the team’s at least making an effort to improve.

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