Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Gently Sassed Mike Francesa On Twitter Tonight

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Recall the video up there, from a broadcast during the Yankees-Tigers division series in 2011. A caller asked WFAN's Mike Francesa—who was awake at the time—what he thought of Tigers reliever Al Alburquerque. Francesa insisted that the caller had made up a pitcher, whose name, if the joke were done properly, Mike said, should be "Al Buquerque." Then he threw the caller off the air. Only later did he note that there was in fact an Al Alburquerque, but Francesa said he only knew him as "Alberto Jose Alburquerque." He wasn't close enough with the young man to call him "Al." It was transparent and hilarious ass-covering, because Alburquerque's always been Al.

Anyway. Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, Francesa's onetime cohost, is at Game 1 tonight, tweeting up a storm. (To wit: "Pablo times three!! Move over Reggie!!" and "@SI_PeterKing Pete you're here? Where are you?") When Alburquerque came in to work the fifth inning, Russo tweeted about it too:


Boom! Ya burnt, Mike. Francesa's Twitter impersonator was outraged:


Alas, this is probably all lost on the real Mike, who must at this hour be zonked out on a La-Z-Boy with a half-full Diet Coke in the cupholder. Perhaps someone will call in and tell him about it tomorrow!