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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Louisville’s football program is in utter disarray as their scumbag head coach continues to torpedo the team into nationally-televised embarrassments like today’s 77-16 loss to Clemson. But none of that matters because CLEMSON SCORED ANOTHER FAT GUY TOUCHDOWN, BABY!

The Tigers lined up in the same formation as they did last week when Christian Wilkins punched it in for the score. This time, however, it was Dexter Lawrence, a 350-pound defensive tackle, who got the chance at glory. Lawrence took the handoff and barreled through two defenders to put Clemson up 42-3.


Perhaps the only disappointing thing about this highlight is how the broadcasters once again said something to the effect of, “Move over, Fridge!” after Lawrence crossed the goal line. I know Perry is the godfather of this move, and also played for the Tigers, but let’s use another catchphrase here or something. Hopefully whoever is in the booth next week comes up with a new line when Clemson inevitably extends its fat guy touchdown streak to three weeks.

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