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Comments Won't Look The Same On Monday, But You'll Manage Just Fine

We're flipping over to our new commenting/discussion regime on Monday. It's called Kinja, and having dicked around with it a little, I can report that it is not at all like playing underwater blindfold three-dimensional chess. On an architectural level, it's just the current Deadspin system, only now lying beckoningly on its side. Substantively, you'll see the site orient itself a little more around the discussion at the bottom of a post—more chats, more writer participation, etc. Read this if you want to know more about why we're making the switch.

What I said back in April applies: Smart and insightful are given primacy over boorish and fatheaded; funny is still paramount. There's no reason our comments section has to turn into the Superfund site that passes for Gawker's section now. Stars are gone, but there will still be plenty of quality control. Make funny jokes. Reply funnily to funny jokes. Say smart things. Reply smartly to smart things. Be not dumb and respond not to dumb and all will be well. (If you're wondering: The Comment Ninjas will still be around, only now d/b/a as the Comment Faerie.)


Here's what things'll look like on Monday (click to enlarge):

For comparison's sake, here's what that exchange looks like now.


We'll have some sort of FAQ on Monday. And hang around for a live-chat at noon EDT or thereabouts. It'll be fun. Please come.

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