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A man who tried to buy pot in Tallahassee and instead got robbed told police the deal was initiated by Florida State running back Karlos Williams, according to a Tallahassee police warrant.

Williams isn't named in the warrant, but police spokesman David Northway tells us that Williams is the acquaintance mentioned in its narrative. The warrant adds that the man charged with the robbery has a sister, Miranda Wilhelm. Over the weekend, screenshots surfaced of a Facebook post by Wilhelm, the mother of Williams's child, showing her with bruises, and police are also investigating an alleged domestic battery involving Williams. Wilhelm's lawyer told The New York Times on Tuesday that his client wants the investigation to stop and won't provide a statement to police.


The warrant's probable-cause narrative comes courtesy of the man who was robbed, Freightlin Cox, a 26-year-old FSU student and former Marine. Here's how he says it went down: An acquaintance—Williams—calls Cox one day in late June and asks if he's interested in buying pot. They talk prices, and the acquaintance says someone will come by to make the sale. Later that afternoon, Daravius Perez Lawrence, also known as "Gutta," shows up at Cox's home with the weed. Inside, they exchange the money and pot, then two more men walk inside while Lawrence goes back to his car, saying he needs to get change. From the warrant:

... as soon as "Gutta" left, the two suspects brandished handguns and forced the victim to turn over the marijuana he had just purchased as well as additional currency he had locked in a safe. As the victim was being robbed, "Gutta" opened the front door and told the two suspects with the handguns to "come and hurry up." "Gutta" went back to his car and the two armed suspects followed.


Lawrence is charged with armed robbery. He's 18 but was 17 at the time he was charged, which is why he's listed as a juvenile in the records. Williams isn't charged with anything, although investigators have been trying to talk to him, with no success. His lawyer is the very busy Tim Jansen.

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