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This past week, Oklahoma City police filed a search warrant to get information about a person who left two threatening voicemails in the general mailbox for the Oklahoma City Thunder. That person made the calls shortly after 1 a.m. on July 6 from a number with a Georgia area code—though the caller claimed to be from Virginia. The warrant was first reported by KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City. 


According to transcripts of the voicemails included in the warrant, the person in question appeared to be upset about the way the Thunder have dismantled the team over the last couple years, calling the organization “the dumbest, motherfuckin NBA association I ever heard of.” The caller then cited the team letting go of Carmelo Anthony, trading Paul George (to the Clippers) and Russell Westbrook (to the Rockets), and keeping Raymond Felton and Andre Roberson as the sources of frustration.

The caller then made several threatening remarks which appear to be directed at head coach Billy Donovan and Thunder management. The caller said he wants to “kill everybody,” hopes that Russell Westbrook returns to kill everyone in the organization, wants to spit on everyone’s mothers, urinate on their children, “beat the shit out of everybody[’s] kid that work there,” and bomb Oklahoma City if he were ever to visit.


The caller then left another voicemail seven minutes later, at 1:19 a.m., where he acknowledged that what he said was “disrespectful shit,” but he stood by his comments. He then changed his tone on Westbrook and asked why the team didn’t trade him instead. At that point, the transcript reads “(male sounds like he is beginning to cry).” After calling Westbrook “a bum [...] a fucking bum,” he then turns his threats toward general manager Sam Presti. He starts with a standard “I hope you fuckin die, cuz,” then it becomes truly unhinged.

Per the transcript:

I hope you mumma dead you daddy dead I hope you wife get gang banged by 40 black niggas and a couple Mexicans I hope yall city blow da fuck up shawty.

His parting shots include calling the franchise “pathetic” before ending his last voicemail with two “I hate yall’s.”

In a statement released to KOCO, the Thunder said, “We defer to the authorities and they can handle the situation as they see fit.”


The search warrant in full is below.

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