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Craig James Is Broke And Asking His Former Campaign Donors For Money

After leaving his cushy ESPN studio job in order to make a quixotic run for the U.S. Senate from his home state of Texas (a senate run, by the way, that featured unapologetic gay-bashing), Craig James is broke and looking for handouts from his former donors.


Ohio State blogger Ramzy Nasrallah, who donated $5 to James's senate campaign (the donation was ironic, one dollar for each hooker that Craig James killed while at SMU) posted a screen shot of an email that he received from James' campaign on his Twitter account (click to enlarge):

It's not out of the ordinary for former political candidates to try and raise money after a failed campaign, but a staunch conservative asking for a bailout from his donors seems a bit hypocritical, no? But let's not rush to judgment just yet. Perhaps James is the rare conservative who thinks that the downtrodden and indebted deserve a break every now and then. Maybe his senate campaign's website can clear things up for us:

We're bankrupting the American spirit with government benefits. You can't have the feeling of earned success by getting an unemployment check from the government. The focus should be job creation, not how long we can continue to bankrupt the spirit of hard-working Americans with unemployment benefits.


Well then. Craig James, you are a loathsome human being.

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