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Culpepper Now Free To Have Naked Women Dance In His General Vicinity (But There, And Only There)

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New Dolphins quarterback Daunte Culpepper need not worry about the potential new ramifications of the term "lap dance" from jail; he has been cleared of all charges in the sex boat incident. His former teammate Moe Williams was not so lucky; he'll still have to strand trial, along with decidedly more ribald charges against Fred "Double Header" Smoot and Bryant McKinnie.

This difficult time in the life of Culpepper started, of course, with a simple rookie hazing and turned into Wild On Frozen Lakes. Culpepper is free now, but the other three players are still contesting the charges, which means this surely will be a gift that keeps on giving.


Sadly, this means we must say goodbye to Mr. Culpepper, who probably never belonged in this story anyway, considering he was just playing dice while a dancing woman did some random orifice insertions just a few feet away. We are not sure this will inspire his new teammates to be lead into battle by Culpepper; the whole incident seems to label him a follower, not a leader.

Fred Smoot, however ... that's a player you can get behind. So to speak.

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