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Curse Of The Colonel Update: Now PETA's Involved

Of course they are. The animal rights organization has sent an impassioned letter to the Chicago Cubs, advising them not to accept a Japanese baseball team's offer of a curse-breaking Kentucky Fried Chicken statue.

Our story so far: Japanese work crews pulled a statue of Colonel Sanders from an Osaka, Japan river on Tuesday, presumably breaking a 24-year-old curse that had prevented the Hanshin Tigers from winning a Japanese World Series. KFC, knowing a great marketing opportunity when it smells one, on Thursday offered to donate the statue to the star-crossed Chicago Cubs.


Not so fast, says People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals. Their claim is that there is probably no greater form of animal abuse than seizing a bird, lopping off its head and deep frying it in 11 tasty herbs and spices. KFC suppliers are also guilty of chicken torture, says PETA, although I think everyone can agree that their coleslaw is delicious. In a strongly-worded letter (PDF) — at which PETA excels — the Cubs are urged not to accept the masonry tribute to hot oily hens. Excerpt:

This is just the controversy Tom Ricketts would like to inherit, I'll bet. Bon apetite, Cubs' fans!

The Curse Of Colonel Sanders? [The PETA Files]

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