Curt Schilling Goes On Radio, Melts Down As He Defends Liking And Sharing Memes

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In his sixth go-round, former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling received 60.9 percent in the Hall of Fame vote. He’s on pace to get in within his 10 years of eligibility. (Though this blog argues for his induction, I don’t personally care if he does and hope he doesn’t. Why? Because fuck him, that’s why!)


Today Schilling went on Boston radio station WEEI’s Mut & Callahan to discuss the politics behind Hall of Fame voting, as well as his own case. “People dismiss me out of hand as a racist,” he said. “I’ve never said anything racist in my life, ever.” He usually types, so that’s true.

Curt’s only dogwhistled Orioles outfielder Adam Jones, who said a fan at Fenway Park had called him a racial slur, over a rap song; endorsed a meme comparing Muslims to Nazis; shared an anti-trans meme that ended up getting him fired from ESPN; defended Donald Trump for being weirdly sexual around underage girls; and said and passed along many other things that have revealed him as regressive mound of hate, a person who has to hold the belief that Trump is a genius who knows what he’s doing, because otherwise he would realize that this level of dedication to the cause is worthless.

In the WEEI interview, co-host Alex Reimer jumped in to bring up the bigoted memes and conspiracy theories that Schilling has shared (at about the 6:20 mark). Schilling became quite defensive—some would say “triggered”—and claimed that he merely found them interesting, and also he agreed with some of them, and also only grown-ups were smart enough to seriously consider that Hillary Clinton is secretly running a child sex ring.

Gerry Callahan made sure to help Schilling defend his case. Here’s one portion of what the discourse was like:

REIMER: So do you think those pipe bombs were hoaxes? Pipe bombs were—

CALLAHAN: No, but [Schilling’s] saying it sounds like it. It’s just a theory.

REIMER: But he tweeted about it.

CALLAHAN: So what?

SCHILLING: See, Gerry’s old enough to—it was a theory. I didn’t say they did it. I said it sounds like something they would do.

REIMER: I don’t think it does.

SCHILLING: And it’s funny you act all stunned, that someone would suggest that, after it’s been done in the past.

REIMER: That Democrats have sent themselves fake pipe bombs?

CALLAHAN: Yes. Democrats have done fake hate crimes.

What the hell, here’s one more:

SCHILLING: You don’t believe that there’s an international sex trafficking ring going on?

REIMER: That Trump is trying to eradicate with the military? No, I do not.

SCHILLING: I didn’t say anything about the military.

Schilling got dumber and louder as the conversation went on. Listen for yourself if you dare.