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Cyclist Lets Up Right Before The Finish Line, Loses

Allow Lucy Kennedy to show you what the horror of losing looks like at the Giro Rosa in the final meter of Stage 3 on Sunday. If it’s not miscounting the laps, it’s easing up before the finish line. Why do athletes do this?!

That Kennedy lost to Marianne Vos should be a worthy consolation. Vos is the greatest women’s rider of all time, and she’s won 23 Giro Rosa stages in her career. A day earlier, Vos destroyed the peloton with an unbelievable sprint.

Kennedy took the humiliation in stride and owned up to her mistake.


Incredibly, the same thing happened in Monday’s Giro Rosa stage as well. Nadia Quagliotto apparently learned nothing from Kennedy’s error, as she sat up right at the line only to get pipped by her compatriot Letizia Borghesi at the finish line.

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