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Dan Marino Sues NFL Over Concussions

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Noted jury-duty-skipper and production-assistant-humper Dan Marino, as well as 14 more former players, joined the more than 5,000 players suing the NFL over the effects of concussions during their time in the league.

Marino and the other players signing on is a relative drop in the bucket, but it's part of an ongoing effort to add enough plaintiffs to demonstrate that the $765 million settlement will be insufficient to cover the claims of all current and future claimants. This suit appears to be separate from the consolidated suit, but Marino is represented by one of the lead attorneys from that case.

In the broader context of NFL brain injury payouts, news like this is always mixed. On one hand, it means that more players are being educated and involved in the science of what playing football actually did. It also goes a little further toward the NFL being made to carve out the full pound of flesh it owes, for those interested in that. But many of the original claimants here need the money from their settlements now, or more realistically, years ago. The longer this draws out—and it's looking more and more likely that there will be a few more acts before this all plays out—the more time passes that the people who who could really use their settlement money aren't getting it.


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