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From: Patrick Kimberlin
To: The Staff

Good afternoon idiots, I’ve warned you before about the soccer. I feel like I’ve been more than fair. And all of the sudden today Deadspin turned into the soccer network. THE FUCK are you thinking? This is America. No one has cared about soccer since Ladybugs came out. So my tip is next time when you feel like posting something about communist soccer, do a bass fishing post instead. At least pretend like you like our country.

Subject: deadspin ????????????????

From: Bruce Levenick
To: Jack Dickey

What gives you the right to pick on the Coyotes hockey team? Judging by your article you’re not even qualified to carry a team members jock let alone qualified to write on them.

Deadspin ??????????? WTF

Bruce Levenick

“If you really want to find something, stop looking for it!”

[Ed. note: the italics are Bruce’s. He also wrote the email in purple font.]

Subject: favre article

From: Alessandro Caruso
To: Luke O’Brien
That was the biggest tease article / transcript ever. I was waiting for a nugget? No nugget…

When you are texting does a wife / gf / friend lose it on you for always being on the phone and sending useless texts?

Alessandro Caruso

Gestionnaire en développement International

From: Luke O’Brien
To: Alessandro Caruso

Life is sometimes nugget-less. I think the deeper point—and maybe I should have mentioned this for the minority of readers who failed to grasp it—is that sports obsessives ignore reality in pursuit of their hopes.

As for texting like that, it’s part of my job sometimes. I used Google Voice text so it’s really just like IMing. Easy. The level of interaction you saw in that post is a bit extreme but really not too different than what I’ve experienced in dealing with many sources. This is yet another thing that readers who want stories that comport with their prefabricated narratives fail to grasp. I exposed you to the process. You didn’t like it. Go sell some more panties, chief.


Subject: Carli Shultis

From: Lori Shultis
To: Brian Hickey

So you talked to Carli about you’re theory of “putting one over on the man” ? A 19 year old girl made a terrible mistake and you seem to take pleasure in adding to this nightmare of hers for your own gain. Pretty sickening! All I ask is that you take the time to think of a few mistakes in your own life and imagine them plastered all over the national news. Carli is a great kid and you’d love her if you knew her. Not making excuses. . . . she did wrong and there are consequences. . .but being arrested, humiliated and fined is quite enough. I’m sure you are a good journalist but you crossed the line when you added your own ideas about what she was thinking . I guess when you write, you just think about how great you’ll look and don’t consider the lives you demolish in the wake.

This will pass and Carli will be fine, but you will still be despicable.

This breaks my heart for you and Carli.

Subject: Fay Vincent

From: Mark Miller
To: Luke O’Brien

No offense, but you’re allowing a man who is still living—Fay Vincent—the opportunity to paint himself as a hero while attacking a man who is dead and thus can’t defend himself. Fay Vincent lives in Vero Beach and writes a regular column in the local paper down here. For him to attack George Steinbrenner as a man who only saw things in black and white is hilarious, because that is one of Mr. Vincent’s faults that come through loud and clear in his columns.

I didn’t much care for Steinbrenner in the 80s and 90s, but Vincent was no hero. You should not allow him to use your platform to try and re-write history.

In the big picture, Steinbrenner will go down as a giant of baseball, a man with the vision to see what the moribund NY Yankees franchise could become. Fay Vincent will be a footnote.

Mark Miller

Subject: Cool video...

From: Emma Carmichael
To: The Staff

Please don’t use my name love the site!

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